Keep Your Home Team's Hands Clean!

As the world fights the Coronavirus, we've been reminded of some daily good hygiene habits as we learn more about how our bodies battle infections. One of those good habits is consistently eliminating as many germs as possible through vigorous hand washing. But are you getting tired of singing "Happy Birthday" over and over again as you scrub soap over every pore of your hands? This is where the Clean Home Team can help keep those hands clean in a fun way for the whole family.

In conjunction with professional sports announcers from across North America, these radio and TV personalities are providing play-by-play calls of how to properly wash your hands. Simply select the voice from your favorite team, press play, and start winning the competition against germs and illnesses!

As you continue to wash, soap up, and rinse those germs down the drain, visit this site for new additions to the Clean Home Team as we help keep your home team clean and healthy.

Here are the latest additions to the Clean Home Team roster!

The hand washing techniques the broadcasters describe come from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). A combination of proper hand washing, social distancing, and not touching your nose, eyes, or mouth can reduce the chances of you getting sick.


During the COVID-19 crisis, there are many other ways you can protect yourself from getting infected, but one of the easiest ways is to keep those home team hands clean by washing with soap and water throughout the day!

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